America on Wheels


America on Wheels
Allentown, PA
The elaborate galleries of America On Wheels feature the vehicles that put our nation, literally, on the road to international leadership in automotive transportation. Exhibits range from the latest in personal transportation vehicles, such as scooters and Segways, to the grand Mack Trucks that help feed and supply a growing country. One of our favorite thrills is seeing and hearing the reactions of visitors as they realize the breadth and scope of our unique collection of bicycles, automobiles, trucks and other vehicles that celebrate the motor vehicle heritage of the United States.
Through the years, thousands of visitors have toured America On Wheels, attended our great events and learned about the history of automotive transportation in the US.
America On Wheels Museum welcomes groups!
Group tours are available for groups of 10 or more people.
Groups can be led by a volunteer tour guide or groups can explore the museum on their own. If you would like a tour guide America On Wheels needs 2 weeks advance notice to schedule volunteer tour guides.
During your trip to the musuem you can also enjoy a Museum Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunts are a fun way to enhance your road trip through the musuem. 
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Tour Options
Tour Only
Tour guide
Roundtrip Motocoach
$35.00 Per Person
As of 8/22/2012
Tour & Ice Cream
Tour Guide
Double scoop ice cream (cone/cup)
Roundtrip Motorcoach
$37.00 Per Person
As of 8/22/2012
Tour & Eats
Tour guide
2 Hot dogs, chips, soda/water & double scoop ice cream (cone/cup)
Roundtrip Motorcoach
$41.00 Per Person
As of 8/22/2012
*All Prices are based on 40 People, the 41st os Complimentary.
Subject to Change and Avalibilty