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-Round-Trip Motor Coach

-Round-trip Motorcoach

-Coal Mine & Steam TrainRides

-2 Hour guided tour of Ashland

-Lunch at local Eatery


$74.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
  • Pioneer Tunnel is a horizontal drift mine. Its level tunnel runs 1800 feet straight into the side of the Mahanoy Mountain. You make the trip in comfort, riding in open mine cars pulled by a battery-operated mine motor. Deep inside the mine, you will alight from your car and follow your miner-guide as you are given an explanation of how coal is mined. Travel back through time on an old-time narrow gauge steam locomotive, the Henry Clay. Built in the 1920s, The Henry Clay takes you on a scenic three-quarter mile ride around the side of Mahanoy Mountain to show you another kind of mining called strip mining.