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  • Safety Tours has the right cancel if payments are not on time.

  • All Rates are "from" and subject to change.

  • All tours subject to fuel surcharge unless paid in full

  • There is a surcharge on tours of less than 40 passengers per bus.

  • One complimentary ticket with 40 tickets paid per bus.

  • NO REFUNDS for cancellations 45 days or less unless otherwise specified.

  • Packages including theater tickets are non-refundable once purchased.

  • $75.00 cancellation fee for all reservations under deposit.

  • Payments made 14 days or less prior to departure are subjected to late payment fees.

  • No checks accepted 21 days prior to trip.

  • $75.00 fee on all returned checks. No Exceptions.

  • Safety cannot assume liability as agents for hotels and other accommodations and cannot be held responsible for lack of performance by proprietors or their staff.

  • It is your responsibility as the group leader to explain to your group members to please follow all safety rules as explained by the driver and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.  It is the group leaders responsibility to  inform the group members there is no standing or walking on the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.  Let the group members know they need to clean up after themselves and that they have all personal items before leaving the vehicle at the end of the trip.

  • We cannot be responsible for delays caused by traffic, road construction, or accidents.

  • Safety maintains safe, modern climate controlled motor coaches equipped with reclining seats, lavatory, DVD players and PA systems.  In the event of a breakdown or other causes beyond our control, we reserve the right to substitute coach equipment from another company or other modes of safe transportation.

  • Safety provides our drivers with DVD's, however if you choose to play your own and they are damaged or lost we will not be held responsible.

  • If the DVD or PA system malfunctions during the course of your trip we will not issue a refund as these are amenities provided without extra cost to our customers.

  • Passengers are permitted one large suitcase per person as well as a small carry on piece, but passengers are responsible for these items.

  • Visa

  • Master

  • Discover

  • Cash

  • Money Order

  • Check


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